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Anti-Corruption 2023 and beyond – Are we dreaming?

The first year of the Marcos Presidency is almost done. As I sit to formulate visions for the next 18 months up to the end of 2024, my mind is asking whether we will enjoy a level playing field, and be tough and walk away from all corruption challenges?

Unfortunately, every loud proclamation that corruption - as we know it - is ‘dead’ is followed by something new. Let’s agree that there is plenty of resourcefulness out there to redefine and reinvent corruption. As I said in one of my earlier columns: corruption enablers are created daily.

But we are attempting to reach a business environment free from corruption, giving businesses the opportunity to fulfill their potential in an ethical environment. We are daring to dream higher and encouraging others to do the same, knowing, however, that we have to be aware of four situations that can shatter our dreams:

The first condition, necessary for the emergence and re-emergence of corruption, is that there be rents associated with government’s regulatory powers.

The second condition requires that corrupt bureaucracies be somewhat independent within the remaining (if honest) administrative structure of the government. External controls of the bureaucracy – whether imposed by the remainder of the administrative system or by society at large – must be weak. Therefore, let’s create strong Integrity Circles, composed of business and civil society, and hopefully LGUs.

The third condition requires the public institutions controlling corruption be weak and ineffective. These institutions include civic groups that exert moral pressures, political parties and the media that could expose the wrongdoing, and the legal system that would have the authority to prosecute and punish the guilty (in the Philippines, the poor have to go to jail but the rich can easily get away or delay processes). Without judicial reform, corruption will continue to blossom. Impunity is a close ally of corruption!

The fourth condition is a lack of whistleblower protection. It is obvious that strange deals between government and the private sector and private sector to private sector (price fixing, collusion in biddings, bribing technical and purchasing staff, etc.) will only become known if people inside those organizations become whistleblowers. This is the reason why we advocate the protection of whistleblowers. At the present situation, I would not be courageous enough to be a whistleblower. You?

It’s time that companies and individuals commit to integrity. Do it now and let’s create the Integrity Nation.

And remember, Integrity starts with I – meaning YOU.

To all of those who have been with us during the anti-corruption journey we started in 2010, I say, progress toward the impossible dream makes us believe it could just be possible!! Let’s jointly with government create the Integrity Nation!

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