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Communicating with Confidence : Using Words and Phrases Correctly (Online)

19 May 2023 9:00 am – 11:00pm Investment Fee: Php 1,000 (VAT excl.) / participant

Facilitator: Lilet La viña

This two-hour webinar has been designed to help people with the use of words and phrases (so aptly labeled as “confusable”) that are often interchanged with each other. The session is filled with practical and easy-to-remember tips that will help people avoid the common mistakes one can make with them.

Discussion Points

1. Possessives vs. Contractions

2. Confusing English Word Pairs because of Their Filipino Meanings (e.g. advice vs. advise)

3. Sound-a-like Words (e.g., assure/ensure/insure)

4. Verb and Preposition Combinations

5. The d/ed Dilemma – When to Add or Omit the d/ed form in Verbs that are used as Adjectives

6. On behalf of vs. In behalf of

7. Confusing Common Expressions (e.g., with regard to vs. with regards to)

The fun and learning-filled session is loaded with practical tips that you can immediately use – so you will no longer be interchanging words and phrases that you use in your emails and messages.

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