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Productivity Training Using Advanced MS Excel (Online)

Productivity Improvement

24 - 26 May 2023 9:00 am – 12:00pm Investment Fee: Php 5,000

(VAT exclusive) / participant

Facilitator: Omar F. Abesamis

This live webinar has been prepared for those wishing to understand the powerful features of Microsoft Excel. Learn full capabilities beyond the challenges of widowed practices with the correct, efficient, and powerful techniques. Create powerful dashboards, auto-linked worksheets and named ranges for easier and faster workbook navigation. Form cohesive workbooks with auto-updating capabilities. Practice the built-in function of forecasting, powerful optimization, and goal seek capabilities in Excel. Participants will be able to generate dynamic data visualization using powerful slicers, with named measures or calculated fields as well as the fast and easy way of generating various reports by employing the simple and elegant process of adding new data, updating existing data, and refreshing all related reports. Discover how you can simplify, amplify, and satisfy reportorial as well as visualization requirements required by management, at whatever level in the organization.


Enjoy a 10% discount by attending 3 of our paid webinars for the month or by sending at least 3 participants to a particular topic.


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