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Data Protection as a Service for SMEs

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. Privacy and data breaches are not limited to big businesses. Given limited resources and know-how, smaller companies are more open to cyberattacks. While companies having less than 250 employees are not required to register a Data Privacy Officer with the National Privacy Commission (NPC), they still need to protect personal data in their possession or under their control. They remain accountable to their customers, employees, and business partners. Having data privacy and protection practices in place allows them to build corporate brand and reputation as well as business trust.

To assist SMEs, the European Innovation, Technology, and Science Center (EITSC) is offering privacy management services. Using a compliance collaboration and management tool, smaller companies can now start their privacy management program with mentoring support from EITSC and Straits Interactive.

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How You Benefit

Data on a Touch Pad


USD 2,600 plus VAT which includes a subscription to the DPOinBOX and monthly advisory services for one year.

The EITSC invites you to start data privacy and protection practices in your organizations. For further details, contact us at or

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